Meet Shivaji Park police station’s snake busting Cop

Constable Murlidhar Jadhav from Shivaji Park police station with the deadly Spectacled Cobra that he caught at Bandra

Image Courtsey Midday

Do you know, Murlidhar Jadhav, 35, a constable attached to Shivaji Park police station is an a snake busting cop. Whenever there is a snake spotted, he gets a call to catch it. He has rescued more than 2500 snakes till date and that also without chargind any fee. Incredible isn’t it. He rescues about 4 snakes on a daily basis. Jadhav has started rescuing snakes from the age of 10 and learnt all the ropes of the trick when he himself was a snake bite victime at 8 years old.

It may be hard to believe but Shivaji Park police station, which is in the heart of the city, is the first place to be intimated whenever a snake sighting is reported.
– via The Asian Age

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