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Kanaz Tarachand started her English Speaking classes in 1991. She hails from a Parsi family. And started her classes after graduating and completing a course in Public Speaking from the Indo-American Society and Personality Development from British Institutes in 2002. Currently her institution teaches housewives, businessmen, professionals and students from all levels of society. With sheer hard-work and dedication, she has brought up her class as one of the best in Mumbai. She has an experience of teaching over 3000 students. The English Speaking class teaches students how to speak and write confidently in all walks of life. And also Trains them in Personality Development. We Provide CDs to All the Students who join our class and give them Personal attention. Small batches is our main aim to develop the students.

An English speaking class enables you to increase your fluency, vocabulary and confidence. It will improve your diction and develop your personality. Today English Speaking has become important  in all spheres of life.

Why English Conversation is important?

Today English Speaking has become important in all spheres of life. People from vernacular schools can benefit by attending our English Speaking class so as to improve their diction, better their vocabulary, develop their personalities and increase their confidence to face people in their daily interaction at work or at any other place. Doctors, lawyers, housewives and businessmen have joined to benefit from our course. Our Institution covers the course in grammar, fluency in speaking and vocabulary and we include personality development too.

If you have studied in an English medium school but have nobody to talk to or practice in English, this is the best course to join. This class will enable you to make friends, meet different people and create a positive attitude with interacting with people in general.


English is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. It is used extensively as a second language and as an official language throughout the world.

A working knowledge of English is required in certain fields, professions, and occupations. As a result, over a billion people speak English at least at a basic level.

We empower you to speak CORRECT English Fluently. We offer two courses.

  • Individual Package
  • Corporate package

Individual Package

  1. Debates
  2. Group-Discussions
  3. Speaking on different topics
  4. Conversation based on situations
  5. Letter writing
  6. Introduction to public speaking

The students not only increase their fluency but also get knowledge of new words and phrases. We have students enacting different situations common in everyday life. Businessmen benefit a lot from learning how to correspond as it is related to their everyday work. Students from colleges benefit through the public speaking sessions as it prepares them well to take part in college debates. It also includes Personality Development.

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Personality Development:                             

1)  Telephone Etiquette

2)  Party Manners

3)  10 C’s of  Personality

4)  Restaurant Manners

5)  Personality Development

6)  Positive Attitude

7)  Interview Skills

This is  a list of  a few things we teach under our course in Personality-Development besides English Speaking.  In jobs, offices and in the outside world presenting yourself  effectively is a skill we all want to have. People from all walks of life are curious to know what we mean by PERSONALITY-DEVELOPMENT.

It means we endeavour to make  you  more attractive, informative ,well-mannered and courageous to face difficult situations with a positive attititude. Besides good communication skills, a good approach to life is essential.  We at the English language class is precisely doing this to make you a person you always wanted to be.

In today’s world academic knowledge alone is not sufficient to grow and excel in life. A lot of other factors need to be taken care of before we go ahead. Today it is no longer possible to get a job or an admission just on the basis of an entrance test. Each of these is followed by Personal Interview and a Group Discussion. We have to be sound technically and academically but also on other personality front.

We believe in all round development of students. We have designed the course to cover all aspects of Personality Development.

Corporate Package

Effective communication is all about conveying your messages to other people clearly and unambiguously.

Enhance your English skills in grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. Personal attention and homely atmosphere is the key feature of our classes.

We make people realize their inherent potential, their strengths and improvement areas and its application in corporate culture for high performance.

With clients like L & T, Siemens we have designed special corporate training packages for the work place.

We believe in all round development of students. We have designed the course to cover all aspects of Personality Development.

A Certificate is awarded to students on completion.

Kanaz Tarachand’s English Speaking Classes

No. 666, New Orient House,

Parsi Colony, 5 Gardens, Dadar(E),

Mumbai- 400 014

Mobile No.- 9821675243


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