TULIP – The Universal Learning Integrated Program for Children

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The Universal Learning Integrated Program for Children, is an initiative run by Saraswati Mandir Trust.

We aim to:-

1) Guarantee every child his/her right to free and compulsory education

2) Empower children with disability and help them lead

3) Spread awareness and prevent segregation of children with disability in schools and the community

The Trust operates through the following three centers:

Saraswati Mandir School

The school was started in 1994 by the Trust to provide education and rehabilitation to children with mental retardation, from the lower socio-economic strata of society. Today, this school has 50 students who are imbibing academic, social, emotional, physical and pre-vocational skills.

The students are exposed to an integrated educational programme that enables them to become independent and self-respecting members of society. From academics to extra-curricular activities, our students are trained in all walks of life.

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TULIP School

Working towards our vision of providing every child with her/his right to education, Saraswati Mandir Trust founded TULIPS in 2002. The prime objective of TULIPS was to educate children with autism, mental retardation and multiple disability.

At TULIPS we follow a regular academic curriculum which has been adapted for the individual needs of each child and focuses on the physical, social, cognitive, emotional and academic development of the child. The educational programme at TULIPS is developed to cater to the needs children with severe and multiple disabilities. Maintaining a child-teacher ratio of 1:4, the school provides all the necessary facilities to train the students to become independent members of our society.

Keeping with our ideology of inclusive education we train our students and make sure that atleast 25% of them are included into mainstream schools. We hope to include all our students by into regular schools by 2014.

TULIP Children,

135-145 Raja Shivaji Vidyasankul,

Hindu Colony,


Mumbai 400014.

Tel: 022-24155773

Email: /


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