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IDEAL 21st Century Competitions (a division of IDEAL Education Pvt Ltd) is all set to establish itself as the number one All India competitive exam coaching Institute in Mumbai for students seeking admission to top ranked institutes in the country for higher education in Engineering, Medicine & Sciences. This has been possible due to the revolutionary and innovative KOTA 3.0 methodology that IDEAL 21st Century brings to the table, as well as the enormous amount of coaching experience & reach that IDEAL brings forth. For more than two decades, our faculties have drawn on their passion for teaching, their experience in working with students from different backgrounds, and their insights to coach students for competitive examinations. Now, they take up a giant leap by designing an innovative curriculum and providing a strong academic grounding as per the individual needs of the student.

About IDEAL Education

IDEAL Education has been at the forefront of coaching industry across multiple spheres of education since 1987. The journey from a coaching class to pioneer in the education sector epitomizes our ideology. We seek to impart quality coaching to students at every stage of their academic life right from the final years of school to post-graduation.

Today, we have gone beyond traditional classroom teaching to include web, satellite and mobile-based coaching. Through these, we serve the needs of nearly 2,00,000 students across the country. The name of IDEAL is now synonymous with superior teaching, testament to which is our ISO 9001:2008 certification, a first in the industry.

Our continued efforts to serve students have resulted in the creation of a Placement Division for students and IDEAL Foundation – a platform that aims to develop the student’s overall personality. We are also the first institute to have an independent teachers training programme, a teacher trained at our academy is regarded highly in the industry.

As we continue to break new ground in our quest to impart quality education, IDEAL has become one of the premier educational institutions in the country.

About IDEAL 21st Century Competitions

IDEAL 21st Century Competition as a team has taken giant strides towards establishing itself as the number one All India competitive exam coaching institute in Mumbai, in a very short time period of two years. This has been possible due to the revolutionary and innovative KOTA 3.0 methodology. We have produced results unmatched by any institute in Mumbai, in the Science Olympiads conducted by the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (RMO, INMO, INPhO, INChO, INBO, INAO), IIT-JEE, KVPY Stage I & II (Kishore Vygyanik Protsahan Yojana), NTSE Stage I & II (National Science Talent Search Examination) & other State level competitions as well like MH-Pradyna & MH-Pravinya.

How are we different

Focus on Results

Our unflinching focus is on delivering results not only for the bright students but also for students who are on the cusp of achievement and can produce results similar to their brighter counterparts if mentored, guided and motivated in the right direction and made to follow a structured, time tested regimen of learning, practice and revision sessions

Innovative Curriculum

We have concentrated our rich educational experience for designing the new “Concept Based Curriculum” that will be effective in the multi-fold transformation of students – expanding their knowledge, concepts and problem solving capabilities and preparing them to think and solve the problems differently as compared to what they were doing when they joined us. During their stay with us, students are greeted by a challenging curriculum that is divided into:

  • Theory Lectures
  • Practice Sessions & Problems solving
  • Problem Discussion
  • Assessment Tests
  • Group Learning

Unmatched Faculty Team

The core team of IDEAL 21st Century Competitions is a dynamic group of individuals (highest % of IITian’s as compared to any of our competitors) who are aligned around a central vision of empowering the students and enabling them to achieve the best of their potential.

Well Balanced theory & practice hours

Every hour of theory lecture delivered in each subject is backed up with a quarter-hour of practice problems in the class on the same topic and three-quarters of an hour of discussion and doubt resolution of practice problems given as home-work the previous day.

Multiple Revisions

We plan out our academic calendar in such a way that we complete the entire syllabus for the exam concerned six-months before the exam date so that we can complete at least two revisions followed by regular testing at suitable intervals during the revision so that the concepts, formulae and the methods get deeply ingrained into the student’s minds as well as expose them to the widest variety of problems.

Study Material

Use the best study-material specially designed and formulated based on our faculty inputs & the selection of best material/problems available in the market filtered & selected by our subject experts.

Assessment tests

Our testing methodology involves a combination of both objective and subjective testing (wherever required) and the periodicity is the highest and best optimized amongst all institutes in Mumbai. Student Performance is monitored online and in real-time through utilization of technology.

Tie-up Methodology for Integrated Courses

We are the only institute in Mumbai employing a unique tie-up methodology which saves double the time any integrated course that other institutes in Mumbai would save.

Offer the best of methods for the extremely talented and brilliants we also offer

Super-Intensive batches, crash courses modeled on the Andhra/Kota pattern.

Special Classes for specific exams

We are the only coaching institution in Mumbai who organizes dedicated classes to train students for KVPY, RMO & Olympiad examinations.

Unmatched Reach

With 33 centers across Mumbai & centers across 13 states in India including Maharashtra we are unrivalled in our network of centers for any JEE coaching institute in India

Expert Board Faculty

With the inclusion of 40% weightage for normalized Board marks & top 20 percentile in Boards, the importance of the Boards is not to be discounted. To take care of this we have the best Faculty available in every state to provide the Board Exam Coaching of the highest standards.

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Ideal 21st Century Competitions,

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Opp. Agrawal Classes,

Next to Bata Showroom,

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Mumbai 400 014

Phone: 9223583343


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