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If tradition means ethnic wear, ethnic men’s wear means Manyavar. Weddings in India have usually adorned Manyavar, be it regal sherwanis, elegant kurtas or even Indo-Western wear. But the brand means more. Ethnic Wear, Party Wear, Accessories; each is a signature; reflecting intense research, ideas, technology, craftsmanship and benchmarking at every level. Manufactured at the facility in Kolkata, on a capacity over one million units of apparel, the category’s highest in the world. More than an industry-leader, Manyavar symbolizes the category.

Manyavar is expanding its circle. It will soon reach out to its kind, through 500 Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) by 2015-16 from the current 370 EBOs (February 2015), 100 Shop in Shops and 500 Multi Brand Outlets (MBO), across the country and business channels in U.S.A., U.K. and the Middle East. Manyavar has founded its first international store (EBO) in Dubai. The global footprint continues rapidly with a new store now open at Bangladesh. Soon, crossover stores, merchandising diverse products too, will be added across the world. Global is the new local now. Merchandising tie ups with retail chains like Planet fashions, ethnicity, central and pantaloons are being augmented in display as well as destinations. The Manyavar attitude is niche, not its access.

The country’s finest fashion designers and artisans apply state-of-the-art technology to construct a Manyavar. Their inspiration and command over the domain is the key to Manyavar’s uniqueness. The annual production capacity of the facility at Kolkata, is one million units of apparel, ten times more than the closest player. Every Manyavar is an idea, empowered by Technology.

Maximum Operations

A seamless back-end system facilitates low turnaround time and enhanced service qualities. An integrated, technology-led distribution and logistic network including Warehouse Management System and Merchandise Management System ensure optimum utilization of resources. Internal control systems supervise inventory management, sourcing, store management, and logistics. The improving gross margins over the years and the rising gross margin per square foot of retail space, reflect their merit.

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Branding – the emotional connect

Manyavar is not just among the most visible men’s wear brands in the country. Communications across press, television and peripheral media have clearly defined its personality as an essence of respect. For a consumer, Manyavar is more than something-to-wear. It’s a relationship. And now, it’s spreading rapidly across the country and the world at large; into a cult.

It’s a vision

Mr. Ravi Modi, founder, is a first generation entrepreneur. Manyavar, among India’s most valued men’s wear brand today, is a reflection of his domain knowledge, vision and initiatives. Shilpi Modi, Chief Visualiser, leads the design and merchandise teams, since inception. They, along with sales, production and operations resources are driven by a collective mission. “To share, celebrate and evolve the Manyavar cult.” Beyond superior ideas and designs, wider offering, greater retail presence and a continuous leadership, Manyavar will endeavour to shape the category’s future towards a global acceptance and preference, which goes beyond cultural and ethnic sensibilities. This means new sections, new products and new concepts. Clearly, the evolution of the category will be the evolution of Manyavar.


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