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Shivaji Park Gymkhana was born as the “New Maharashtra Cricket Club” – established in 1909 by Shri P. G. Marathe and his two brothers along with Shri S. P. Athalye, Shri L. M. Vaishampayan, Shri N. T. Kane and others. Dr. M. C. Jawale, a Municipal Corporator then joined this group and within a period of 9 years they set up a Reserve Fund of Rs.3,500/- with the objective of establishing a Gymkhana in Dadar.

The Club originally had a pitch to the north of the Dadar Station, but the then G.I.P. Railway soon absorbed this plot and the Club migrated to a plot of the Improvement Trust to the east of the Station. Dadar. The possession of this plot was also shortlived. Shri Shamrao Moroba came to the rescue by granting permission to the Club to use his own Wadi as a pitch. From here the Club migrated to the South of the City to a plot of military ground. In 1923, the Improvement Trust allotted a plot to the Club off Vincent Road in Dadar. The name of the Club was then changed from “New Maharashtra Cricket Club” to “Dadar Hindu Gymkhana”. However, the Club had to vacate this plot also and for two long years it had no playing pitch of its own, thereby threatening the very existence of the Institution.

Then came the Shivaji Park Development Scheme. Shri R. K. Vaidya, then Corporator of Mumbai and an active member of this Club was connected with this Scheme and through his efforts, a small plot of land was allotted to the Club. In 1927, Mr. Clayton, the then Municipal Commissioner, opened the first Tennis Court of the Club. The possession of the plot at Shivaji Park brought a sense of stability to the Club and it went on expanding its own activities rapidly. The small plot of land was later exchanged for a 5000 sq. yds. plot on the present site. The Members then concentrated on the aim of having their own pavilion. It was very difficult to obtain permission to build a structure within the Shivaji Park area. The then President of the Gymkhana, Dr. M. C. Jawale, a Municipal Corporator for many years and a former Mayor of Mumbai, very tactfully obtained the permission. A number of members contributed handsomely and the work of construction of the pavilion was entrusted to Wagle Brothers. The opening ceremony of this building was held in November, 1931 at the hands of Shri Ranchhoddas Madhavdas. In 1942, the area in the possession of the Gymkhana was increased to its present dimensions of 19000 sq. yds. and it is this ground which has witnessed cricket of a very high order for so many years.


The Shivaji Park Gymkhana known as the Mecca of Mumbai cricketing world is the nursery of Indian Cricket and has produced 21 international players.

Our Gymkhana has a well maintained professional cricket pitch. We also have a set of practice nets, which facilitate daily practice sessions.

Gymkhana houses the best of breed equipments to maintain its cricket infrastructure.

Summer Vacation Coaching Scheme:

Every Summer Gymkhana religiously conducts a cricket coaching camp for children in the age group of under 10th, 15th and 18th years respectively. Every year this camp attracts students in huge numbers.

SPG-LOOP Mobile Cricket Academy:

This Cricket Academy has some of the best Cricketers associated with it. Shri Pravin Amre is the Chief Coordinator of this academy. Shri Padmakar Shivalkar, Shri Sandesh Kawle and Shri Rajesh More are tenaciously training students to outperform in all avenues of this sport.

Bank of India Sponsored Senior Academy:

SPG also runs a Cricket Academy for age group 14 to 18 years.


Our 3 world class synthetic Tennis Courts enhance the playing experience for our members. Some of the key features of our new tennis courts are as follows:

Rebound Ace Surface

High Intensity Bajaj Floodlights

Refurbished fencing


Playing Hours:

Morning Session Members Only


7:00 am – 10:30 am (Weekdays)

7:00 am 11:00 am (Sundays & Public Holidays)

Court Reservations:

Hourly Reservations


10:00 am 2:00 pm (Weekdays)

11:00 am 2:00 pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)

Annual Schedule:

June to May: Regular Coaching

Monday to Friday (150 Trainees)


3:30 pm 5:00 pm/ 5:00 pm 6:30 pm

June to May: Special Coaching

Monday to Wednesday – Friday (20 Trainees)

Timings: 6:30 pm 8:00 pm

Annual Tournaments

Annual Internal Tournament (February) ‘Dada Khanolkar Scholarship’ for Promising Upcoming Player of the year is awarded during this tournament

ITF Women’s Tennis Tournament

Table Tennis:

Table Tennis, especially the annual table Tennis tournament, has been a crowd favourite for many years. On any day one can see amateurs testing their skills against seasoned tournament winners.

Our Gymkhana has a fully air conditioned Table Tennis room housing a high quality ‘STAG’ table. The mat flooring enhances the overall playing experience

  • Annual Internal Tournaments are conducted every year.
  • Annual Inter Club League Tournament
  • Coaching Scheme (Throughout the year) [Mr. Suhas Dandekar – Coach]


At SPG, Carrom is not a sport for the faint hearted. Our tables are frequented by champions of the sports and our annual tournament is a great ambassador for the sport and for our club.

  • Our Carrom room comprises of two high standard professional carrom tables.
  • A wide screen television and an amazing view of the Shivaji Park make this room worthwhile to play for long hours.



SPG is proud to have foolproof catering and bar services for its members and their guests. It gives a real homely atmosphere with tongue twisting menu at the restaurant and can satisfy all types of ‘Khawayyas’. May it be Continental, Indian, or Chinese cuisine. A variety of snacks to suit all pockets. Homemade dishes are becoming a novelty of our SPG.

The Restaurant itself accommodates around 45-50 people at a time but the real fun of the evenings are not only on our lawn, but more so on our ‘Big Terrace’ on the first level, facing the road and Shivaji Park Ground, accommodating 80-100 people and on enviable small terrace on the second level, exclusively facing the entire Shivaji Park Ground. It gives an absolutely different feeling enjoying evenings with friends, delicious dishes and cool Westside sea-breeze.

Our members now, have no more tension of arranging their Family Get together, running after hotels to hotels for their Party Halls, which are often too expensive. Our said Big Terrace, on the level and another Small Terrace facing road on the same level only-can easily accommodate around 50 people comfortably. Moreover the entire food and other arrangements, by the Member’s choice will be the Member’s privilege and all this at attractive, economical package.

Just for Members and their respectable guests.

s park gymGymnasium:

Cuts and Curves galore, our Gymnasium is full of people who keep fit by enjoying a great work out. People of all ages come together on a regular basis to enjoy the well equipped gymnasium and its clean environment.

We have a compact yet fully functional gymnasium.

A couple of treadmills, good set of cycles for the cardio section and an array of dumbbells and various weight training equipments to help you attain that fabulous body make our gymnasium a very popular one.

Professional Trainers are present in the Gym to guide and train one.


Bridge, Rummy, Poker and many more of your favourite games are frequently played on our card tables. We provide the tables, the cards and the perfect atmosphere for an evening spent with your closest friends.

  • Our Gymkhana has a spacious air conditioned Card Room.
  • The Playing Tables and Cards are of the top-notch quality.

s park cplayChildrens’ Play Area:

An exciting children’s play area has been designed to cater for a gradual progression through the age ranges. Facilities at Shivaji Park Gymkhana include Seesaw, swings, mound slide, multi-play unit, roundabout, and a seat for parents to rest.

For membership details and other information please get in touch:

Shivaji Park Gymkhana

Shivaji Park, Keluskar Road,

Dadar, Mumbai: 400028

Tel: 91-22-24453811 / 91-22-24443799

Fax: 91-22-24448650



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