O’ Hair Salon

O'HairWe simply define beauty. We are no factory and neither do we mass produce cuts and styles. We concoct styles with utmost care and tenderness. The expertise is to understand the hair texture; the face that will carry the cut and then the plan is conceived to give the perfect cut or color. We pause to also understand the client’s comfort zone and fears if any before a style cut.

We make sure to pamper the client’s confidence when they leave the salon.

We put all our expertise in, to make sure that each time the same magic is recreated and the same bounce. Our haircuts and style do not wither with a wash, the style will leave you amazed and thrilled with the fact that it is so easy to manage it all. This makes our cuts and styles beautiful and practical. We thrive to do this passionately and proudly say O’Hair is for everybody.

Our team is headed by Vishal Kumar who is our Chief Creative Stylist. The team comprises of color specialists, rebonding specialists, skin specialists along with manicure and pedicure specialists. We make sure our clients get nothing but the very best.

1980 was the year when Mr Suresh Kumar co-founded the first’ Kumar Hair Dressers Salon in the Dadar area of Mumbai and then started a Beauty Parlor naming it ‘Kumari Beauty Parlor”.

Clients and the company had grown by now, Vishal Kumar who had joined his father by the year 1999 decided to take a strong step towards offering more updated and global services to the existing and future clients , thus O’Hair was born in the year 2001. Before that Vishal had studied in Australia.

The passion was to bring in nothing but the best for the clients. Advanced styles and more services were streamlined and practiced thus to make O’Hair a style beauty shop for all the needs of the clients.

One simple passionate agenda is to push all boundaries of hair styling, to bring in innovation with creativity, quality and absolute consistency.

Hair Cut

Hair Setting

Hair Treatment

Hair Colour

O’Hair’s Foot Spa



Hair Straightening

Besides that we also provide Spa Pedicure, Manicure, Hand/Foot/Head/Back Massages and Hair Spa

O' Hair Salon

Room No. 1,

Ground Floor

Parnakuti Building,

Hindu Colony,

Opp Parsi Gymkhana,

Dr. Ambedkar Road,


Mumbai 400-014.

Phone numbers: +91 22 24154521 or 9820975244


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